COMBASE, an abbreviation for COMMUNITY-BASED, is a consortium of many leading community and technical colleges in the nation dedicated to sharing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of our nation’s rapidly changing economy.

In 1974, when COMBASE was established, a high school education was enough for most Americans to obtain a middle-class job. Today, everyone recognizes the importance of education and training beyond high school, to be college and career ready and ultimately attain a good job and a living wage. America has turned to its community colleges to deliver what both students and employers need, with new and innovative programs that leverage partnerships throughout the community and the nation.

COMBASE Fall Conference

As a relatively small network of community and technical colleges led by presidents and chancellors, member CEOs and their staff members bring their best in innovative community partnerships, workforce solutions, adult education, and operational frameworks to the annual COMBASE fall conference. Click here to access the Membership List.

At the conference, CEO's, their Institutional Representatives (IR's) and other college attendees gather in small forum settings where there is ample opportunity to learn about the presented programs in detail. Attendees are able to return to their colleges equipped with new ideas and the support to implement them.

Ample social opportunities at the conference allow Presidents, IR’s, and staff to build relationships that last a lifetime and new CEO’s benefit greatly, gaining significantly from building relationships with experienced presidents and chancellors. In addition, several IRs have used these interactions to gain skills that have assisted them in becoming college presidents themselves.


COMBASE has produced a variety of publications over the years, but its primary publication is The Collaborator.

The Collaborator is a bi-monthly publication that features innovative programs of COMBASE member institutions. COMBASE is currently building a resource bank available to members that will group past newsletter articles for ease of subject matter reference.

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